The merging of pedigrees

What means 'merging of family trees'?

This webpage wants to create one big family tree of the whole world. It is arrange the way that if the same persons appear in someone's family tree, you will be able to merge with other family trees. You will become a memeber of one big family tree if someone else already has a family tree merged with other people and those people have a family tree merged with others.

How to merge two family trees?

During inputting new persons into the family tree, the robot automaticaly searches for possible compliances with other family trees. The compliances are possible to be wieved on the 'my main page'. It is always up to you to decide whether it is the real compliance or just persons with the same names.

  • At first the offered compliance tick as POSSIBLE COMPLIANCE, or the compliance can be canceled by the button REFUSE.

  • The offered compliance ticked as POSSIBLE COMPLIANCE, can be later ticked as JOIN or REFUSE.

  • If you have a confirmed the compliance, the author of the other family tree has to do the same.

  • After your both confimation of the compliance and asking for merging, the administrator will be sent a message and your family trees will be merged within 30 days.

How will administrator merge your family trees?

Immediately after the administrator obtains your message with the request for merging (see the previous paragraph), the family tree starts merging. First of all check whether merging of the family trees is possible. Then the same persons, which are in both family trees will be deleted and will be merged. After merge of two family trees, one of the two matching persons must be deleted. Original author will be granted right to edit the remaining person in the other family tree, as an editor.

Under which conditions family trees won't be merged?

Absolutelly identic persons

It is not possible to merge two family trees, if they contain identic persons. If you want to share creating one family tree, it is possible under the condition when both of you create just one branch of the family tree.

Too many identic persons

If there are too many identic persons with another family tree, the administrator can't merge both family trees.
Before merging you should agree which persons to delete from your family trees. Ask for remerging after there are too 2, max. 3 identic persons.

What will the family trees look like after merging?

Even after merging a part of the family tree will still be yours. In this part you will be able to add and change persons. The second part will belong to the other author. The thing that will change is that you will be able to move smoothly from your family tree into another family tree and you will be able to print the reports of both parts of the family tree together.